VMs Optimized for Studio FX Rendering

In the VFX Studio world, maximizing your margins minimizing OpEx is everything. It is also a world where the requirements of projects, and their render workloads, are resource intensive, can benefit from a low cost solution to fit your needs. 

Our offerings give studios the opportunity to exercise their creativity without the immense cost of owning and managing their own infrastructure or the extraordinary costs of current providers AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and others. Based in British Columbia, as a partner of iTel Networks, we make it simple to integrate ultra-high bandwidth, low latency connection to cloud resources, for Canadian FX studios and major US cities. 

Render workloads require specialized hardware configurations, truly optimized for studios. We are able to offer lower costs for this industry, than all major computing providers. After extensive benchmarking we found the best performance to $ ratio with the two configurations listed below. We’ve also provided comparison to the costs of other cloud providers, to transparently represent the value proposition for your business.


Rendering Benchmarks

For our subscriptions, we offer a variety of term lengths, each with their own discount depending on commitment term.

We also offer an Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) for high- volume customers. For more information on longer term contracts or to inquire about any special requirements your organization may have, please email us at [email protected]

There are two different server configurations we offer 4-GPU chassis. Each chassis has a v3/4 Xeon Processor, 32GB of System RAM per GPU, and 128GB swap storage per GPU. 

Our render servers use Infiniband (40GBit+ interconnect) to enable multi-server distributed workloads. Through our telecom partnership, we are able to offer up to 100Gbit connectivity between our data center and your studio. 

Configuration per 4-GPU chasis

Monthly Cost by Term Signed
Rendering T-FLOPSPayment1mo3mo1yr3yr
Prepaid- $605.17$417.52
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